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VOTE APRIL 2, 2019


VOTE beginning Thursday, February 21, 2019, through Tuesday, April 2, 2019, in the Champaign County Clerk's office, 1776 E. Washington St., Urbana,                                                             Vote By Mail ballots will be processed daily for Election.

I want to hear your ideas and concerns.

Michael LaDue for Champaign City Council

A Bit of Background

One of the blessings of Champaign is that local elections are nonpartisan. "There is no Democrat or Republican way to fix a pothole."   Michael LaDue exemplifies this nonpartisan and  thoughtful approach to our city's affairs .  Re-Elect Michael LaDue.


Michael LaDue is proud to have served the citizens of Champaign on both Champaign City Council and as board member of our award-winning Library.  Serving as an experienced council member,  major improvements happened in the city.  He was  a central supporter of the construction of a new public library building to replace a totally inadequate structure.  It is now ranked one of the busiest in the country.  Also quite significant was Michael's strong support for the Boneyard Drainage Project that eliminated serious flooding  in Campustown and elsewhere in Champaign.  Michael also supported reimposition of the city's Food and Beverage Tax to finance the redevelopment of Champaign's Campustown area.

 Michael brings a wealth of intelligence, background, and civility to the nonpartisan governance of this city.


Community Endorsements

Economic Vitality

Michael La Due STRONGLY supports equal access for our

small business community by methods such as implementing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts that enable

greater minoirity participation.

He supports Champaign's continued fiscal responsibility, which

has enabled the city to recreate Downtown, Mid-Town, and

Campustown as a model for other campus communities. 

History of Service

Michael La Due served homeowners, renters, businesspeople, and students for 30 years on the Champaign City Council.

He was privileged to help balance the needs of all citizens to enhance and promote the quality of life for everyone in the

community.   Infrastructure, flood abatement, economic development, recycling, and transportation have seen transformative

change with his participation and leadership on the council.


Michael is a long-term Champaign resident, having moved here to attend the University of Illinois completing undergraduate and Masters degrees in European History.  He is an avid bicyclist and rides to most meetings. as Councilman, Deputy Mayor for six years, and trustee of the Champaign Public Library.

Neighborhood Preservation

Michael fought to keep our library in the Old Town neighborhood, supporting downtown redevelopment and access for everyone.

He advocated for the open, naturalized parks plans of the Second Street detention basin, a popular destination for nature in the center city, home to great blue heron and other water birds.

Michael jointly lead effort to preserve the historic brick streets on Elm Boulevard.

Michael worked to downzone the In-Town neighborhood West of Neil Street to protect its single-family homeowner presence.

Michael supports the efforts of Clark Park neighbors.

Michael worked to bring a grocery store back to Midtown as part of Burnham Redevelopment.

Social Justice

Michael STRONGLY supports dialogue and collaboration between the Champaign Police and the Citizen's Review Board to promote safe neighborhoods and trusted police-community relationships.   He has initiated discussions on Police Use of Force.

Michael advocated for the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen's expanded location on North First Street.   He has sought Social Services funding and will continue to do so.

Michael VOTED to protect renters with criminal records from housing discrimination;  he will continue this fight.


"Mike's years of council experience and the devotion to the community environment make him an outstanding representative and the best candidate." 

                                            - Bruce Hannon

                                              Environmental Activist, U of I. Professor


"Michael La Due is a reliable advocate of tenants' rights, student concerns and civil rights for victims of discrimination."

                                           - Esther Patt

                                             Housing Advocate

"I served on the Champaign Council with Mike for fourteen years.  He has worked hard and effectively to represent the diverse constituents in his district.  His seasoned, steady participation and leadership has greatly contributed to the stability of the Council."

                                            - Dannel Mc Collum

                                               Former Mayor, City of Champaign


"I have worked with Michael and watched himgrow in policy formation and leadership over the years.  Benefits to the city from his participation speak for themselves.  I endorse him without reservation."

                                              - Frank de Nova

                                                 Retired Director of Planning and

                                                 Community Development,

                                                 Champaign County Regional Planning


My Civic Agenda is based upon continuous cycles of progressive improvement in the quality of our community.   I've been privileged for more than 30 years to help build and shape our local environment and appreciate these

good folk who have expressed their trust and support. 

Mike answers questions submitted by Young Democrats:

Q:   If elected, will you work to get more young people involved in politics?   If so, how?

A:  Yes!  There are several avenues:  the first is you aren't involved if you don't vote.  I have always encouraged young persons to register as citizens and vote.  Secondly, I invite any young Democrat as a welcome guest to accompany me to City Council Chambers and observe city government in action;  this might inspire a future councilperson. 

Q:  Have you participated in the past with any voter registration efforts of young people at the U. of I. or Parkland College?


A:  Yes.  I was a deputy registrar on university campus, registered young people door to door, and on the university quad.   I was Democratic committee person for over 20 years in Precinct Four, the heart of the campus.

Q:  Do you generally consider yourself

      A.  Democratic Voter

      B.  Republican voter

      C.  Other

A:  My voting record as a registered Democrat is a matter

of public record.  However, Champaign City council

operates on a non-partisan basis by state statute and

I  embrace my duty to try to represent all citizens, regardless of their party affiliation to the best of my  ability.

Q:  How would you use your role as a city council person

      to effect meaningful change?

A:  "Meaningful change" requires some level of definition.

 However, there are many changes which obviously            can benefit our community, such as "green" initiatives to resist climate change and improve quality of our environment.  Police and community relations also comes to mind.  The real question is "How?"  There are many changes best addressed by familiarity with  the systems of local government through long            experience with them as a reliable change agent.  This means working well with professional staff,  neither for or against them.  Collaboration is the key.

Q:  Would you vote to restore the original intent of the              Champaign Human Rights Ordinance by not allowing  landlords to refuse to rent to an applicant solely on the basis of that person having a felony conviction?

A.  I already did, AND, I was the only member of council

 to do so!  Subsequent to that, I spoke to the Human Relations Commission urging them to bring this back  to the council again because it is the ONLY right  thing to do.  Keeping families apart, and making transition into civil and economic life more difficult          serves absolutely no one.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Environmental Quality

Michael La Due actively promoted best practices in storm water management, including developing and promoting the

Boneyard Creek Master Plan.

From his day of public service,  Michael has promoted the principles of reuse and recycling to make Champaign a

green community. 

"I've visited many libraries around the country and seen many wonderful ones.

And yet, even in such impressive company, I was blown away."

             -Author David Sheff


Our library - the result of

VISION.   Supported and sustained by Michael LaDue's efforts.  


Your Voice in City Governance

and Best Choice for Civility.

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